A new community clean-up project has been launched in Bolton to help keep the streets tidy.

Muslim By Nature is a new group set up by Imran Hussain, campaigning to encourage Muslims in Bolton to help keep their community areas clean and volunteer to help people all over the borough.

Imran lives in Great Lever himself and started the initiative cleaning up the streets around him.

He said: “It was quite bad in Great Lever.

“There are a few newsagents along the way to schools and kids are buying sweets and crisps and often littering.

“I always thought when I see the mess that someone should do something about it and then realised that someone can be me.”

Since then, Imran has completed a few clean-up sessions and wants to do one around the next Eid in July, to remind people to not litter even during a festival.

He said: “Hopefully if we clean up after people have a mess, they’ll be ashamed of what they have done.

“We hope and pray that others will see the improvements and take responsibility for their own streets eventually.

“Cleanliness and looking after our environment go hand in hand with the Islamic faith and with the core beliefs of most if not all other major religions and belief systems.

Imran got in touch with the council and was sent litter pickers and bags to help him get started.

But he also needs funds to continue his work.

He said: “We need help to continue our first project of cleaning up streets, and community areas.

“The funds donated will go toward equipment, marketing, transport and skip hires etc. We need to take pride in the places we live.

“We would love for you all to come and take part in our work, however for those who cannot, please help by donating whatever you can and sharing this with family and friends on your chosen social media platforms.

“Together, let's do our best to make this world a better place for everyone.”

The group will run litter picking days once a week, focussing on different streets in Great Lever before branching out to other areas.

To view the campaign and to donate, visit the GoFundMe page here.