Patients at Royal Bolton were thrilled with a new television donated by one of the borough’s biggest employers to keep their minds off their ailments.

The new TV was donated to the C3 ward by parklands based electrical delivery firm AO after their old one, which had been donated by a member of staff, could no longer be switched on.

Now, the new device will help patients to relax during their stay.

C3 ward sister Hannah Graham said: “We have a range of patients on our ward and we feel the TV is a place of relaxation.

“Our patient resource room gives our patients time away from others on the ward and helps them to take their minds off things.

“A lot of our patients do not have the funds to pay for hospital television so having free access to a TV is really beneficial.”

AO made the donation after they were contacted by staff on the C3 ward who explained the situation.

An AO spokesperson said: “We’re thrilled to have been able to help out the patients on C3 Ward at the Bolton Hospital and are so pleased that this small donation will help to make their recoveries a little bit more enjoyable.”