Teachers of maths, physics, chemistry and computing in disadvantaged schools in Bolton are to receive tax free payments of up to £3,000 per year over the next three school years.

This comes as part of the government’s continued drive to level up education across England, ensuring every child receives a world-class education, allowing them to secure jobs needed to support the economy, no matter where they grow up.

Not only will there be significant new payments for teachers in STEM subjects, but there will also be £6m funding from the school Condition Improvement Fund allocated to 16 schools and sixth forms in Bolton to improve the quality of their buildings including the classrooms and learning environments.

Maths, physics, chemistry and computing teachers in their first five years of teaching in Bolton will be able to claim up to £9,000 over three years in tax-free bonuses from September, if they work in disadvantaged schools.

The Levelling Up Premium ran by the government, is expected to be worth £60m over the three years and is intended to improve pupil outcomes across the country by helping to retain specialist teachers working in disadvantaged areas.

High quality STEM teaching, delivered by teachers specifically trained in these subjects, will also more effectively support pupils who fell behind during the covid pandemic.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said: “The quality of pupils’ education in crucial subjects like maths and science should not be dependent on where they live, and teachers shouldn’t feel that they must leave their local area for a better paid job.

“Our Levelling Up Premium will help give children and young people the best specialist teaching in maths, physics, chemistry and computing, while supporting jobs in low-income areas, helping to level up education for all and grow the economy.”

Head of teacher supply programmes at the Gatsby Foundation, Jenni French, said: “Gatsby’s recent research showed that paying salary premiums can have an effect on the number of teachers choosing to remain in the classroom so, the Levelling Up Premium should be seen as a positive move which should increase the numbers of students being taught by specialist teachers in poorer areas.”

The Levelling Up Premium builds on the Schools White Paper, which sets a blueprint to raise education standards across the country and places an emphasis on supporting teachers through training and salary investment, to make sure that every child can be taught by an excellent teacher.

The funding in Bolton will help ensure children and young people have access to high quality, modern learning environments no matter where in the country they grow up.

The government also aims to provide 500,000 teacher training and development opportunities by 2024, including two new specialist National Professional Qualifications in literacy and early years leadership, as well as a £30,000 starting salary for teachers to attract and retain the very best talent.