Throughout my life time there has been trouble with the economy about every 10 years. Whilst people are struggling at present with higher fuel bills and food bills, this will eventually pass.

The biggest concern to the British economy is situated in the future and has nothing to do with global warming, Brexit, shortage of fuel, lack of food, pollution or the housing crisis.

It has to do with fact that many of our brightest students are not attending our universities or colleges because of the amount of debt which they come out with. All types of problems arise from this, let’s look at them:

1 Who is going to take a mortgage on when you already a debt of some £40,000 and no job.

2 No one is going to lend you money.

3 What type of income do you require to pay off this debt and service a mortgage?

4 How can you get married when you are young and have children?

5 Many of our brightest children are taking on low paid jobs because they are worried about the debt, this way they are unable to look at their long term future.

This will have a long term effect on us all. Why? Because there will be a shortage of professional people who need to attain that academic level.

Where places cannot be filled by our own youngsters, universities will make up the shortfall by bringing them in from abroad. This does two things, it reduces our progression as a country and passes hard earned knowledge to others which would better kept in-house.

We need to dramatically reduce the burden of debt on our youngsters. As the population grows older and the number of professional workers becomes less through lack of attainment, the effect on the standard of living and health will be enormous. These will be the real worries!

Already we are bringing in people from abroad to fill in many of our top posts, they will be second class citizens in their own country. What better way to drag a country down?