Bolton is still set for a tough winter with energy prices set to soar by around a third despite plans to shake up how bills are worked out.

Currently gas and electricity bills are updated every six months, with the most recent update a seeing a typical bill jump from £1,277 to £1,971, but now energy watchdog Ofgem has proposed updating on a three-monthly basis to try and pass rises and falls onto customers more quickly.

But people in areas like Bolton are still likely to feel the pressure over the coming months according to campaigners, with prices set to soar by around 32 per cent yet again in October.

It's against this backdrop that the Bolton News is launching our new campaign, Your Money Matters.

Dave Bagley, CEO of town centre based charity Urban Outreach, said: “As far as I can see the energy firms are making huge profits and this is being done in order to increase those profits further.

“If its not that and its something else then OK but if it is that and its just about profit then this seems to be about making money from other people’s misery.

“The question is where does the money go, they never seem to be able to answer that and I sense it has something to do with capitalism.”

The town has already seen several measures put in place, including a £150 council tax rebate set by the government and approved by Bolton Council leader Cllr Martyn Cox.

Bolton has also been at the epicentre of calls to remove VAT on energy bills after a motion put by Cllr Martin Donaghy was approved at a full council meeting.

But with further price rises looming and the cost-of-living crisis biting in other areas this still may not be enough

Mr Bagley said: “They’re anticipating that it will go up in October again and they always seem to raise the price when people need it the most.

“If they’re making huge profits in the summer when the weather is warmer then what kind of profits are they going to be making in the winter?”

He added: “Why should the poorest in our society have to borrow to allow these companies to make huge profits?”