A popular cafe in Deane is closing after 39 years of service.

Café Vienna on Wigan Road, is closing it's doors after many years of 'fantastic service' as the owners retire and prepare to move to be with their family in Wiltshire.

Margaret, 67, and Gregory Wood, 68, have decided its time to say goodbye to Bolton and move down south to be with their grandchild and family after many years of memories.

The Bolton News: Margaret and Gregory Wood with staff member Natalie RobinsonMargaret and Gregory Wood with staff member Natalie Robinson

Gregory, who runs the Café Vienna with his wife Margaret, said they think its time to close.

He said: "We are closing because we are retiring, I'm 70 next year.

"We've done 39 years so we think its time.

The Bolton News: Margaret and Gregory WoodMargaret and Gregory Wood

"People are quite sad we're closing, a paramedic pulled up outside yesterday and took a photograph of our sign and said 'goodbye to an old friend' and then shared it last night and none stop we had pings from our phones.

"Most of the kids who worked for us at the weekends have kept in touch and we still do references, it's a well loved place by many people.

"But the enthusiasm has gone now and it's only just recently gone in the past few years, it's been a struggle to sort out the specials and what not."

The cafe has been a popular spot for families across Deane for generations.

Gregory said: "Generations of people have come here, it's a family run affair and it's been well loved by residents across the area for years.

"People who came when they were younger now bring their grandchildren, my children worked here too, it's been well loved."

Margaret said she is sad about the closure but she is ready to move and be with her family.

The Bolton News: Cafe ViennaCafe Vienna

She said: "We've got a lot of regular customers because we've been here a long time and some people have been coming everyday, and some customers are friends and the same with staff, we've had a lot of staff and they all keep in touch.

"We're quite sad about the closure but we are ready because you know he's 70 next year and you can't just carry on.

"So, we're going to be with my grandchild, we've only got one, so we're going to Wiltshire."

People have sent their best wishes to the owners on social media, wishing them both a happy retirement.

One said: "Very sad news, definitely the end of an era. I’ve gone in there over the years, delicious food and excellent family business.

"All the best for the future."

Café Vienna will close its doors on May 29.