Plans for new double yellow lines across an area plagued by road safety concerns have drawn a “mixed” reaction from residents

The project will see restrictions brought at various roads across Westhoughton after long running concerns from residents about parked cars causing obstructions and poor visibility around the town.

As such, Bolton Council has agreed to bring in parking restrictions, including double yellow lines in many cases, at a cost of £3,168, including £1,200 on signage.

Cllr Christopher Hill, who represents Westhoughton South, said: “Residents have actually been quite mixed about it, some are quite happy about double yellows being brought in but other people have been coming to see me trying to get it stopped.”

He added: “For people who are happy about it its about visibility on the roads and about people actually getting their cars damaged while parked.

“There’s also been concerns about a lot of the parking not actually being by residents.”

But Cllr Hill explained that there have also been concerns about the lack of parking available in Westhoughton, which further restrictions could end up limiting further.

He said: “There’s a lot of issues with parking in Westhoughton and that big car park off Market Street getting closed off so a lot of residents have been concerned about where they’re going to park.”

The double yellow lines will be painted at various points across Wigan Road, Library Street, Howarth Street, Hindley Road, Mill Lane and Redwood.

They will also come into force across Holden Lea, Molyneux Road, Miry Lane, Pavilion Square, Winterbourne Drive, Perseverance Close and Bolton Road.

In each case the double yellow lines will indicate no waiting at any time restrictions.

In many of these cases, “parking abuse” had caused problems for other drivers, people on foot and buses alike by reducing their visibility.

Most seriously, parking at the Molyneaux Road junction with Greenfield Close was putting the safety of children at a nearby nursery at risk, the council said.

According to Bolton Council, the new restrictions will be brought in as soon as the necessary legal process is finished.