Bolton new leadership has been confirmed after weeks of negotiations following this month’s deadlocked vote at the local elections.

At a crunch vote off held on Wednesday morning, Conservative leader Cllr Martyn Cox was confirmed as leader of Bolton Council, chosen ahead of Labour’s Cllr Nick Peel.

This means Bolton Conservatives retain control of Bolton Council.

The vote proved to be close with the decision turned by a small number of independent councillors and those representing smaller parties.

Cllr Cox said: "In the end it was by a greater margin than we were expecting but we are conscious that we didn't get a majority and we will do our best to work with other parties in the spirit of cooperation."

He added: "I meet with opposition parties all the time and I will continue to do that.

"The council needed leadership and ultimately no one wanted an extended period of chaos."

The borough had been left without any party holding an overall majority after the local elections on Thursday May 5.

The Conservatives had been left with 23 seats to Labour’s 19, both well short of the 31 needed for a majority.

But on Wednesday’s vote neither main party was able to win much enthusiasm from smaller parties.

Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Roger Hayes said that Labour had "not learnt the lessons" of its previous period in power while the Conservatives, according to him, support the "most lazy, amoral and incompetent Prime Minister we've ever had."

Cllr Grant, interim leader of the Horwich and Blackrod Independents, said neither main party had engaged with the communities he represents and as such his party could not support either candidate.

One Kearsley’s Cllr Debbie Newell said she and her colleague Paul Heslop had been "treated with disregard" and will note vote for either party today. She says "if you want our vote you're going to have to vote for it."

But Labour leader Nick Peel says that his group will continue to oppose the newly confirmed leadership.

Cllr Peel said: "Even though the Labour Party in Bolton received more votes than any other party on May 5th, yet again, independent councillors have chosen to prop up an unelected Tory administration.

“We said at the election, that a vote for any other Party other then Labour does lead to a Tory Council, and again this has been shown to be factual.

“Labour will not be taking a rest however, we will continue as an effective opposition and continue to challenge this failing Tory Council."