A new arts project is aiming to change perceptions of Bolton on the national stage with a film that showcases the borough’s most spectacular locations.

The Beautiful Bolton campaign hopes to encourage artistically minded people whoever they may be to come forward with their favourite views of the area whether they be urban landscapes of shots showing the natural wonders outside the town.

They will then be collated into a film, to be shown at the famed Octagon Theatre, that celebrates not only the borough itself but also the diversity of the people who inhabit it.

The Bolton News:

Winter Hill has some of the borough's best scenery

Octagon head of creative engagement Imogen Woolrich said: “Many people outside Bolton have assumptions about what the town is like, from seeing the town in the news during the pandemic to hearing about shops closing in the town centre, sometimes Bolton can get a bad press!

“Having lived and worked in Bolton since childhood I know Bolton has so much more to offer, from the dramatic moors of Winter Hill to the iconic steeples of the mills, there is a huge amount of beauty right on our doorstep.

The Bolton News:

Bolton's iconic mill steeples tower over the skyline

“I hope this film will help to celebrate the wonderful and varied landscapes of and people of the town and I can’t wait to hear from the community.

“I really encourage anyone living, working or studying in Bolton to get involved!”

The project is open for submissions from anyone living in the borough who can submit a photograph or a piece of video of a view in Bolton along with a brief description of what it means to them.

The Bolton News:

Firwood Fold is one of the most historic sites in Bolton

They can even appear in the film themselves if they so wish to explain on camera why the views are important to them and what Bolton has to offer.

As well as the collection of photographs drawn from the local community, a team from the Octagon will also carry out location filming at some of the region’s most well-loved landmarks between Friday June 17 and Saturday June 18.

The deadline for submissions from the public is Tuesday May 31.

To find out more, email: participation@octagonbolton.co.uk.