A drug user from Bolton died of sepsis which came about after an infection from intravenous drug use, an inquest heard.

Christian Tyldesley was aged 33 at the time of his death on March 10 this year. He died at Royal Bolton Hospital after a protracted battle with sepsis, which came about after a needle broke off in his groin when he was injecting drugs.

Coroner Simon Nelson concluded that Christian’s death was a drug related death, with the cause being septicaemia caused by an intravenous drug use related bacterial infection.

Mr Tyldesley, who most recently lived on Cannon Street in Bolton, was known to be a user of heroin and crack cocaine and had been homeless at stages in his life, the inquest heard.

Mr Nelson heard evidence from medical staff, the police coroner’s officer and the family of Mr Tydesley.

Recovery coordinator Roy Morris detailed how Mr Tyldesley was, at one point, using around three to four £20 bags of heroin with three to four £10 crack cocaine stones daily, although by the time of his death he was on a methadone program to try and reduce his usage.

The court heard that on one instance when injecting drugs into his groin, the needle broke while inside Mr Tyldesley.

He refused to be admitted into hospital as his condition worsened and as he showed signs of infection throughout February, but agreed to be admitted on March 8.

When admitted into hospital, Mr Tyldesley’s condition deteriorated despite full clinical support and he died on March 10.

In conclusion, Mr Nelson said: "Mr Tyldesley's cause of death, as given by the medical consultant, was septicaemia caused by an intravenous drug use related bacterial infection.

"On March 8, 2022, he was admitted to Royal Bolton Hospital after a needle broke and embedded in his groin."

He added: "He was diagnosed with sepsis and deteriorated in hospital, despite full clinical support."