A ROAD has been named 'wing mirror alley' after the number of side view mirrors knocked off by other cars.

Now a resident living along the road has called on motorists to take extra and this week met up with local councillors to discuss how to make the Horwich road safer for all.

Colin Adamson, aged 48, is registered blind, and believe the combination  and lack of visibilty is the cause of the number of accidents on Victoria Road.

He said: “I initially raised concerns to the council with myself trying to cross these roads. Being blind, it is incredibly difficult trying to cross.

“Diamond (his guide dog) had to stop me because when I think the road is clear, the cars get to me quickly.”

Colin thinks there are a number of factors that make the road dangerous.

He said: “I’ve lived here for six years. The speed of vehicles travelling up and down the road is unbelievable, I’ve seen a number of accidents along the road.

“Just outside here there have been two accidents I’m aware of recently."

Colin added: “Both of my next-door neighbours have had their wing mirrors damaged within the last year. Wing mirror alley has become quite true!”

He said:“It used to be a purely residential road, but because of the increase of traffic in the area due to the expansion of Horwich, people were forced to find other roads.

“Victoria Road has ended up becoming a major thoroughfare, with people using it as a cut through.”

The road has two primary schools nearby, as well as churches and other places where people convene, which increases traffic.

Cllr Sue Baines of Horwich and Blackrod and Cllr Marie Brady of Horwich North East went to visit Colin to speak with him about the issue.

Cllr Baines said: “There’s just about room for two cars to pass, but lorries and buses drive down here.

“That combined with speeding and cars being parked along the side of the road makes things worse.”

She added: "It's an extremely busy road with schools at either end."

Cllr Brady added: “The road is narrow, but residents have to park their cars on the side of the road because there’s nowhere else they can park.”

Colin called on the road to be made safer.

Two videos of car crashes right outside of his house, were recorded on his house camera, one from April 22 and one from March 14.

Both were from cars pulling out of a side road onto Victoria Road, with parked cars obscuring the view of the drivers pulling out of the junction.

He believes that encouraging motorists to take extra care need not cost a lot.

Colin said: “A campaign to get the schoolchildren out with the police. Get people from the community, such as myself or children at local schools, to go in and speak to those who are caught speeding.

“It’s a good way to educate people about the dangers.”

Concerns raised will be now taken to highways to see what can be done to improve the road for all users.