HE has been completely blind since the age of eight-years-old - but that has not stopped Mike Newman from getting behind the wheel.

And now the 60-year-old from Stoneclough is helping other people who have disablities to do the same.

Mike is breaking records as one of the world’s fastest blind racing drivers.

With nobody sat in the car with him, he is able to manoeuvre the car around sharp bends, using only radio comms to assist him.

Mike set up Speed of Sight 10 years ago, where people with disabilities can get a  taste of being in the driver’s seat with an instructor present.

Mike said: “I have a passion for motorsport and because I am a person living with a disability, I wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of being in control of a car.

“This way, I achieved many records racing on a motorbike and then in a car. I started going to car shows and met other people living with disabilities who had to relinquish their driving licence.

“One of the things they missed the most was driving and it made me think how I could give back and give them that experience again.”

In 2005, Mike drove a BMW M5 at 144mph, in 2014 he drove 200mph in a Nissan GTR, and in 2017 he raced a Silverline racing boat at 102mph.

Mike did his research to adapt cars for those with different abilities and now, the team regularly attends racetracks across the country and has even had the honour of racing at the prestigious Silverstone circuit.

The cars are open top with dual controls and two steering wheels to allow for driver assist.

Drivers are in the car for up to 20 minutes, with a whole pit crew on hand to help them get in and out of the car.

Mike said: “When they’re in the car, they’re happy and excited to drive.

“It’s a proud moment to see what they have achieved and it’s also just great fun.

“I speak from experience because I know what it’s like to be in that position where you can’t do something everyone else is doing.”

Nicholas Hamilton, a racing car driver and Lewis Hamilton's brother, is an ambassador for the group.