Teddy Bears are being taken into the classroom in a new programme to create a create a calmer world.

Emma King had worked as an aroma therapist since 2004.

But in recent years she evolved to create Empathy Holistics Buddies, which helped families and organisations create a sense of calm in this busy world.

She developed a following on social media and offered remote classes, but recently has decided to take her work into schools.

She has worked in St Stephen’s School, St Saviour’s School and the Wells House nursery where the programme has been picked up with enthusiasm.

The Bolton News:

The session begin with four or five teddy bears which are used as props for the session.

The Kearsley based woman explained how the Create Calm Classrooms programme works.

She said: “We do a small group session or a whole classroom session.

“We work with aged three to 11, we do children’s yoga.

“We also do peer massage fully clothed.

“We do breathing techniques, coping strategies for when things get a bit overwhelming in life.

“The kids absolutely love it

“It seems to help them relax.”

She added: “I am actively in talks with a couple of schools in Bury and Bolton.

“It is very positive and children are really taking to it.

“They are even teaching their siblings and parents about it.

“My aim is to create a calmer world.”

Helen King, a teacher at St Saviour's CE Primary School, Ringley, was full of praise for the project.

She said: “Emma has been taking a small group of children at school for the last four weeks.

“The children love the sessions.

“They come back excited by what they have created and how calm they feel.

“We have just booked Emma for each class to enjoy a session next term as so many children wanted to join the group.

“We are hoping for a parent and adult class too.

“We are looking forward to the future sessions.”