Postgraduate art students from the University of Bolton will be holding an exhibition next week at Bolton Market Place.

The exhibition, called Cur(AT)Ed, will be a showcase of multidisciplinary arts and will take place from Thursday, May 26 to Sunday, May 29.

It was formed to celebrate the talents and successes of 10 multidisciplinary artists and post-graduate arts students from the university.

Penny Haskell, aged 23, is one of the students who has been organising the exhibition.

She spoke to The Bolton News about the aims of the exhibition, saying:

“We hope that we can pull people together. We’re aiming to connect the community with events and workshops.

“We’re just grateful for the easement of restrictions.”

Penny outlined some of the activities that will be available at the exhibition.

She said: “We’ll have active events, scavenger hunts as well as other events and workshops.

“We will also display and exhibit curated works from artists.”

The event will open to industry professionals and people of industry in Bolton on Thursday, May 26, and will be available to the general public and students from the 27-29 from 11-4pm.

At the opening event there will be refreshments and canapes.

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Art students from the university have previously showcased their art in Bolton, with one group delving into the world of extensialism and surrealism.