An overnight power cut hit homes across four Bolton postcodes overnight.

The power cut was reported at around 7.20pm on Saturday evening in the Turton area, with utilities company Electricity North West estimating that around 43 homes across the BL7 0EG, BL7 0EJ, BL7 0EP, BL7 0EF postcodes.

A statement from Electricity North West said: “This power cut has been caused by an unexpected incident with the underground cable that provides electricity to your home or business.

“We didn't know before your electricity went off that this was going to happen but now we know, rest assured we will get your power back on safely and as quickly as possible.”

“Please note that all our time scales are estimated based on previous experience and may change if new information becomes available while our engineers are fixing the issue.

“With underground power cut’s, we may need to dig to repair the cable and this can sometime extend the length of time you are without power.”

The company stated in an update that power was restored at around 3.15pm on Sunday.

In most cases, Electricity North West regularly plans power cuts in order to allow its engineers to carry out maintenance works on cables and households and businesses are warned ahead of time.