Primary school pupils have taken part in a special ceremony to commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

St James (Daisy Hill) CE Primary School have planted a beautiful apple tree to commemorate the Jubilee, celebrating Her Majesty's 70 years on the throne.

The Mayor of Westhoughton, Cllr Deirde McGeown and the school governer, Joan Gardner, attended a small ceremony on Friday May 20, where the members of the schools Pupil Parliament read a poem.

The poem stated: "Let’s celebrate together the Queen’s Jubilee, with dancing and singing and afternoon tea.

"As we look back over your 70 years reign, we plant this tree for your canopy campaign.

"The love you have for your country is clear to see, your horses, your corgis and your family.

"We love to see you adorned with your crown, on special occasions, all the year round.

"We thank you for your service across the world, we know where you are when your flag is unfurled.

"Congratulations your Majesty on your Platinum Jubilee, to commemorate this occasion St James plant this tree."

The Bolton News: Pupils were joined by the Mayor of Westhoughton to plant an apple treePupils were joined by the Mayor of Westhoughton to plant an apple tree

The Mayor of Westhoughton, Cllr McGeown, said: "My first invite since been elected Mayor of Westhoughton was from St James CE Primary School in Daisy Hill Westhoughton.

"The occasion was to mark the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II by planting a tree in the grounds of the school.

"Before the ceremony began I had an opportunity to meet the children from the schools Parliament, they were excited and enthusiastic about the event and had spent a lot of time preparing for such a special occasion.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee - this is how Bolton will be celebrating

"The apple tree chosen stood in the grounds with the children and staff around it.

"As the ceremony began the children read out their pieces, so carefully practiced, wonderfully.

"William had written his own poem and proudly read it out watched on by his teachers.

"I was absolutely amazed by the time and effort put in by the staff and children of St James CE school, the children are a credit to their teachers.

"It was a beautiful ceremony and I was proud to have been invited together with my granddaughter Francesca to be involved in such a lovely event that recognised the 70 years on the throne for Elizabeth, our Queen."

The Bolton News: The apple tree with a special plaque to look back on in years to comeThe apple tree with a special plaque to look back on in years to come

As a school, they have also registered to be part of The Queen's Green Canopy, a tree planting intiative run by Woodland Trust within the UK and are looking forward to receiving their saplings.

Speaking about the ceremony, Fraser from year five, said: "I was nervous at first about meeting the Mayor but she was really lovely and it was great fun planting the tree together to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.”

Summer, a year three pupil also said: "I loved meeting the Mayor.

"The apple tree was beautifully decorated."

Bolton events to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

The Queen's Green Canopy will create a network of individual trees and whole woodlands in honour of The Queen's service and the legacy she has built.

Every tree planted will benefit people, wildlife and climate, now and for the future.