A Popular café in Rivington has called for more kindness and respect, after a staff member was left in tears.

In a social media post, Café at Spring Cottage said that last Wednesday morning didn’t seem too busy at first, ‘but it turned out to be a crazy day’.

After trying to fulfil as many orders as possible, they say that a customer shouted at a member of staff which made them cry.

They issued a polite warning to customers to ‘speak to staff with kindness and respect’, and that they didn’t come to work ‘to be spoken to in a nasty manner or to be shouted at’.

The café emphasised that they were aware that not everyone treated staff in this way, but that it still shouldn’t be happening.

The post stated: “Our staff, both in the kitchen and out-front work as hard as we possibly can, and we never intentionally have anyone waiting too long.

“This morning, we didn’t look too busy and so there was only three of us working (one of which was in the kitchen), but it turned out to be a crazy day.

“We worked as quickly as we could to get everyone what they wanted, yet unfortunately a member of staff has been left crying due to being shouted at for waiting times.

“Please speak to our staff with kindness and respect.

“They don’t come to work to be spoken to in a nasty manner or to be shouted at.

“I know this is very much the minority, but it really shouldn’t happen at all.

“Thanks so much.”

It was only in May this year that new legislation was brought into force to better protect retail workers from abuse in the workplace, by introducing tougher penalties against customers who attack shop workers.

The new law was introduced after concerns were raised over the rise in abuse during the pandemic.