A CLOSE-KNIT family have been left devastated after ‘the bubbliest and most caring mum’ suddenly died last Friday.  

Khristina Proctor, from Farnworth was a healthy 48-year-old before she died from a bleed on the brain.

It came as a huge shock to everyone when she was rushed to Bolton Hospital after collapsing, because she had no symptoms beforehand.

She was then taken to Salford Royal Hospital, which the family say was incredibly scary for them because of the uncertainty of what was happening.

Whilst she was undergoing surgery, they discovered that Khristina had a second bleed on her brain, which was far worse than the first one.

The Bolton News: Khristina and daughter MartinaKhristina and daughter Martina

Daughter-in-law Kirsty Baxendale - whose partner is Khristina’s son Johnpaul – said: “She underwent scans to see how it was going and she had another operation to try and take the pressure off the brain.

“Then her daughter Sarah got the phone call to come to the hospital with the family.

“And that’s when they said they did everything they could, but they had to take the machine away.

“Everyone went up as a family and got to see her before her tubes and machine went away.

“When they took everything off, we knew it was gonna happen, but we weren’t prepared for when it was gonna happen.”

The Bolton News: Kirsty and Khristina celebratingKirsty and Khristina celebrating

Khristina was able to spend her last moments with her family at home, and was looked after by Sarah, her mum Christine, and Kirsty, for nine days after she was discharged from hospital.

Kirsty added: “She gave a good fight.

“But you never imagine something like this will happen.

“It’s just a bit of a blur really, where you question ‘is this really happening?’.

“It’s been such a shock to everybody.

“Everybody loved her and so many people knew her.

“It’s just heart-breaking.

“She saw my first child being born.

“She did a lot for me and her children, and the grandchildren.

“She was just amazing, outgoing and cared for a lot of people.”

She loved being around her family, and was a real people person, often enjoying a ‘good night out around the town’.

The Bolton News: Grandchildren from left to right: Kenyon, Lily, Martina, Bella, Kaiden, Kinley, and MaeGrandchildren from left to right: Kenyon, Lily, Martina, Bella, Kaiden, Kinley, and Mae

Her daughter Sarah said: “Our mum was the loudest most caring mother to all her children, a special friend, and daughter, and sister.

“We still can't believe what has happened.

“I don't think we will ever get over this.

“She will be forever with us and will live on within our hearts.

“She will be the most beautiful angel in the sky and the brightest star for her grandchildren to pick out.

“Rest in peace our beautiful mum.”

Khristina worked as a receptionist at a pest control company, until she her kidney was removed two years ago.

She has eight grandchildren, and four children - Sarah, Danny, Johnpaul, and Martina.

Kirsty recalled a conversation she had with Khristina two years ago where she said: “Make sure that Martina goes to school and that she’s still at school when I’m gone.”

Kirsty added: “She would be so proud of Sarah and Martina.

“Sarah is looking after her sister Martina and she’s happy there.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of them both too.

“I said I would be there for them, and I always will until the end.”

The Bolton News: From left to right: Khristina's mum Christine, son Johnpaul, Khristina, and daughter SarahFrom left to right: Khristina's mum Christine, son Johnpaul, Khristina, and daughter Sarah

The heart-breaking news has left the family completely unprepared, and Kirsty has set up a fundraiser to help the family (www.gofundme.com/f/the-children-and-family-of-khristina) raise funds to support the children, and funeral costs.

Kirsty added: “It’s a real shame because you don’t know what’s round the corner.

“She was lovely and would do anything for anyone.

“It was devastating when we found out what happened to her.

“We were all very shocked and we were not prepared for any of it to have happened.

“She did a lot for her children, especially Martina who is only 15.

“She is still so young, and she lost her father 10 years ago.

“But she still has us and the children.

“I don’t even think we have processed that she has passed away.”