One of the oldest- if not the oldest - rambling groups in Bolton celebrated 100 years, with a commemorative walk at the very place they met a century ago.

Bolton HF Walking Club met at Tockholes last Sunday (May 22) which symbolized the area of their first ever walk.

Members donned their club T-shirts and badges, and listened to a talk on the clubs’ history, given by the President Clive Atty.

Club secretary and publicist, Elizabeth Burns, has been a member for seven years.

She said that one of the reasons the club has been so successful is because it “bands people together, and there is something for everybody”.

Elizabeth said: “I think the thing that keeps me going on the clubs’ rambles is the fact that it combines physical and mental wellbeing, through fresh air, social interaction, and physical exertion.

“I am sure these three things have sustained the club over the years.”

The Bolton News: 100th BIRTHDAY: Bolton HF Club doing what they do best100th BIRTHDAY: Bolton HF Club doing what they do best

A five mile walk around the area was led by Judith Hulton, who also organises Thursday evening pub walks during the summer months.

A special lunch - for members only – also took place in January 2022 30 at Ridgmont House in Horwich.

The history of the club can be traced back to 1891, when Thomas Arthur Leonard founded two open air organisations, with the first being country-wide Holidays Association in 1891, and its subsequent offshoot, the Holiday Fellowship in 1913.

The Bolton Holiday Fellowship initially started in 1922, which was part of a movement breaking away from the church aspect of the group, and to help mine and mill workers in polluted areas, get out and enjoy the countryside.

Elizabeth said: “It’s a great way for people to make friends and get out in the fresh air and have a chat.

“I have also learned a lot about the history as a member, that I didn’t know before.

“If you asked me prior to joining if I could walk eight miles, I would have said no.

“But you end up talking throughout the walk, and before you know it, you’ve completed it.”

The Bolton News: 100th BIRTHDAY: Bolton HF Club doing what they do best100th BIRTHDAY: Bolton HF Club doing what they do best

The club - which has well over 300 members - always welcomes more.

Retired folk who can walk on Wednesdays, have a choice of four walks of varying lengths.

 And for those individuals and younger members who are working, there are other walks held on Saturday, Sunday day, and Thursday evening, with even more variety.

Some of the walks are around Lancashire and further afield, and sometimes by coach.

More information can be found out on their website or on their Bolton HF Walking Club Facebook page.