A Bolton MP is calling for litter picking campaigns to help the mental health of children.

Conservative MP Mark Logan said a national litter-picking campaign for schoolchildren would boost their mental wellbeing.

The MP for Bolton North East said: “Would the minister agree with me that to run a national campaign amongst primary and secondary schools across the country to get involved with litter picking would help boost kids’ mental wellbeing?”

Education minister Will Quince, who was answering questions relating to children’s mental health at the time, said: “An interesting link from my honourable friend.

“He does have a point that actually a whole-school approach to mental wellbeing is about doing all sorts of extra curricula activities, and one of the best ways, of course, is getting children and young people outside.

“Would I encourage a campaign to tackle littering? Of course I would.”

There are many litter-picking groups in Bolton and the council recently thanked them for all their hard work in keeping the streets clean.

Hundreds of eco-warriors regularly don sturdy gloves and go armed with litter pickers to tackle some of the forgotten corners of Bolton and surrounding areas.