AN angry resident from Farnworth has hit out after their bins have been uncollected for six weeks.

Lisa Thompson, 60, has reached the end of her tether after she says the council repeatedly said they would collect her bins, but didn’t.

She says that she hasn’t had any issues with her black bin, but her little green bin, burgundy bin, and beige bin are ‘full up’ and haven’t been collected.

Her nephew John Price who comes to help out is seen pictured.

Lisa told The Bolton News that she has been extremely stressed and hasn’t been able to sleep properly because of leaving the gate open for her bins to be collected.

She said: “I suffer with mobility issues and live by myself, so I have trouble putting my bins out.

"I have left my gate open for them to come and take the bins.

“I can’t let my grandchildren play outside because of the rubbish.

“And I can’t go in the back either.

“I’m really annoyed.

“It’s just a disgrace what is happening.

“It is causing so much stress and I haven’t been sleeping with my back gate being left open all this time.

“It’s no good at all.”

The Bolton News: Uncollected bins are now full upUncollected bins are now full up

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said:“We apologise for the missed bin collections which were the result of a system error which has now been corrected.

“We have arranged for the recycling bins to be emptied and for an officer to visit the resident to ensure that all waste collection requirements are being met.”

This has meant that she has now had to start putting bin bags next to her bins.

Her food waste has also been put in her black bin in biodegradable bags because of the green bin being full, but now her black bin his full.

Lisa is also concerned that because her green bin hasn’t been emptied, that this could lead to maggots in the black bin.

She says that the street has also been impacted by this, with their bins going uncollected for weeks.

But she said her neighbour's bins were collected a couple of weeks ago - but her bins were left behind.

Lisa added: “I don’t know how many times I have rang them.

“I can’t get any more things in the bin.

“I also have two cats and need to get rid of the litter trays too.

“Something needs to be done.”

Lisa's bins were emptied one day after The Bolton News raised the issue with Bolton Council.