A director is coming to Bolton to talk about her powerful film to show at  The Light Cinema.

The Deathless Woman will screen at 6pm on Saturday featuring an introduction and post-film discussion with director Roz Mortimer and key community figures.

The film is about important events in Roma history and how they are still relevant today.

In the film, the ghost of a Roma matriarch leads the viewer on a journey through archives and landscapes as she tells the story of what she witnessed during WW2.

There will also be a free language workshop earlier in the day, at 4pm in the Walker Suite at Victoria Hall in the town centre.

The workshop will tell the history of the Romani language and people will be able to learn some words for themselves.

Roz spoke to The Bolton News about the film and why it’s so important to highlight these events in Roma history.

She said: “The main reason it’s really important is that Roma people in Europe are still experiencing violent hate crimes and persecution.

“We can trace it back to what happened in the Holocaust. It hasn’t really made its way into the history books – it’s rarely acknowledged how devastating it was for the Roma people.”

Roz also spoke on the benefits of the language workshop, saying: “Romani is a really stunning language. We’ve got a language workshop with a brilliant Romani linguist, Juice Vamosi.

“It was an absolute hit in Glasgow. People are learning a bit about the culture, as well as speaking Romani.”

She also thanked The Light for showing the film, saying that they were really stepping out to do this.

Tickets for the showing are available at https://bolton.lightcinemas.co.uk/the-deathless-woman and you can reserve your place at the language workshop by emailing deathlesswoman@gmail.com.