A couple from Bolton have slammed Manchester Airport after they had to wait for numerous hours on their way to their holiday in Lanzarote.

Carol and Ged Smith, both aged 67, had planned a week-long trip to Lanzarote, flying from the airport.

The couple from Horwich spoke to The Bolton News about what greeted them when they arrived at their terminal.

Carol said: “We got inside terminal 2 and never in my life have I seen so much confusion. The terminal was chock-a-block.

“We stood for an hour and a half in line when I couldn’t stand any longer as my back really hurt.”

She added: “There were no staff whatsoever. I found this young girl and said to her I can’t stand in that queue any longer. She said we’ve got a wheelchair, so I got the wheelchair.”

Carol then detailed how, when trying to find where to board their plane, she and Ged were sent back and forth to the same area four separate times.

She said: “We waited where it said wheelchair assistance, and then it said our plane was boarding.

“We weren’t sure where to go so asked a member of staff, who said to go right the way over there.”

She added: “But when we got there, we were sent a different way.”

They then realised that during the confusion, they had dropped one of their bags in the middle of the airport.

Carol and Ged found the bag on the floor, accompanied by a member of staff.

Carol said: “They said they’d called security and the bomb squad were coming.

"They also said they may have to evacuate the building.

“My husband said to them if it were a bomb then we wouldn’t all be stood around it.”

After this Carol and Ged got their bag back, with a staff member finding them and guiding them to their plane.

Manchester Airport have been approached for comment about the problems the couple said they experienced.