POLICE and council representatives have met with Rumworth residents to discuss the issues that they deem to be most pressing in the area.

Over a dozen residents were in attendance to air their frustration in what was the first Police and Communities Together (PACT) meeting in the area since the pandemic.

In a constructive session, the issues raised included drug dealing and taking, burglary, speeding and other car crime and motoring offence, littering and fly tipping, rat infestation and the sale of counterfeit cigarettes and tobacco.

The PACT meeting follows a somewhat more vociferous meeting earlier in the week, in which many of the same complaints were registered in a bid to control anti-social behaviour in the Langthorne Walk area.

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Insp Helen Atherton of Greater Manchester Police Bolton South Neighbourhood team admitted: “Over the last few years we haven’t been investigating everything that we should have been. But now we are.”

On the issue of drugs, one resident described some areas as drug markets.

“They might as well take a stall out,” he said.

Another resident, referring to a number of different roads in the area including Dean Road, said: “It’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed.

Another said: “It’s a racetrack. If you stationed a speed camera there you’d pay for your salary.

“My car has been hit three times.”

“There are 20 wards in Bolton,” one resident said.

“Rumworth is right at the bottom. We need a lot of investment in this area.”

Cllr Shamim Abdullah said: “I’m a councillor but I’m a resident. Rumworth is the most densely populated area in Bolton.

“It’s a shame that more and more people are having to clean up our streets. We take pride in where we live.”

The overarching message from police and Rumworth ward Cllrs Shamim Abdullah and Abdul Atcha, was for resident to report anything and everything, to as many relevant authorities as possible.

The Bolton News: Sgt Tracy Tant and a PCSO from GMP Bolton South Neighbourhoods team at problem area Langthorne WalkSgt Tracy Tant and a PCSO from GMP Bolton South Neighbourhoods team at problem area Langthorne Walk

Insp Atherton said: “What I want is that we get information – either online or report it to Crimestoppers.

“Any information we can possibly get, things like registration numbers, this all helps us to build a picture.

“Please talk to us. Please tell us things. Even if you don’t want to be names, it builds up intelligence.”

Sgt Tracy Tant backed this up. “In my experience, those who shout the loudest are the ones who get priority,” she said.

Insp Atherton added: “I’m so delighted that it’s been so well attended.

“You are all so passionate and we are passionate to try and fix these problems.”