THE Bolton News readers and borough MPs have reacted to the £400 energy bill discount for all households.

It comes as Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced yesterday, Thursday, that every household will get a £400 energy bill discount under an emergency cost-of-living package.

This will be partly funded by a £5bn windfall tax on oil and gas giants.

Mr Sunak also unveiled a targeted support package for the poorest, the elderly, and the disabled, that will be two-thirds funded by borrowing.

MPs Chris Green and Mark Logan praised the package during a "difficult time" as the cost-of-living continues to rise.

The Bolton News: Chancellor Rishi Sunak (PA)Chancellor Rishi Sunak (PA)

Mr Green, MP for Bolton West, said: “There was a spirit of national unity for lockdowns to defeat Covid and we always knew that this would be very expensive.

“Combined with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have now entered a cost-of-living crisis and I’m pleased and relieved that the Chancellor has listened to me and my colleagues and is giving so many the support they need in this difficult time.”

MP for Bolton North East, Mr Logan, said: “The Chancellors plan for a stronger economy is providing over £37bn of targeted support to help those who need it most, including pensioners, with the cost of living.

“There is a range of financial help available ranging from £550 to £1,650 for families and low income households.

“I recommend readers visit our government website to see exactly what they are eligible for (

“I’m on hand to support if you need any extra help, please contact me via email”

Whilst Yasmin Qureshi MP has praised the decision, she also says that there is still much uncertainty around who is entitled to the support.

Ms Qureshi, who represents Bolton South East, added: “The Chancellor’s decision makes one thing and one thing alone clear – Labour are winning the battle of ideas.

“The Conservatives, after wheeling out Ministers to oppose a windfall tax, have ultimately decided Labour’s plan is the right one.

“Of course, I welcome this targeted support as it will help alleviate the cost-of-living crisis.

“I especially welcome the Chancellor’s decision to cut the short-sighted council tax rebate, which households had to pay back, moving to a grant system.

“Despite this, issues remain.

“It is not clear who will get the support or whether it will be means tested.

“There was also nothing to support small businesses in Bolton who continue to face high energy costs.”

Mr Sunak and officials refused to use the term windfall tax to describe the levy on the soaring profits of energy firms, as he was accused by Labour of having been dragged “kicking and screaming” into a U-turn on the policy the Opposition has spent months calling for.

Here’s what you had to say

Many of our readers didn’t think that this would be enough, with one reader already expressing the struggle they are experiencing.

Sophie Rushton said: “It's needed because the cost of topping up my meter is getting seriously out of hand.”

Stephanie Evans said: “It is helpful, but nowhere near enough to cover the increases.”

Neil Jackson said: “We’ll still be £1,100 worse off so how do you think we feel?”

Others also pointed out that they didn’t feel it was fair that this was going to every household, and that the money could have been better spent.

The Bolton News: The impact of soaring inflation, which has reached a 40-year highThe impact of soaring inflation, which has reached a 40-year high


David Walker said: “Every household giving 400 quid to the energy suppliers and their bulging bank balances.

“They’re laughing at us.”

Andrew Simpson: “It shouldn’t be given to the rich, especially those who own more than one house.

“The rich don’t need this.”

The government has acknowledged that people who pay bills at multiple homes, such as those with holiday homes, will receive multiple discounts.

Karla Barbour: “Considering the budget for the jubilee I think it’s an insult.”

What is being offered

The £6bn announcement of £400 in universal support will start from October and will replace the initial plan for a £200 loan, with Mr Sunak scrapping the requirement to repay the money.

This will mean that all households with a domestic electricity connection will be automatically eligible for the grant.

There is no need to contact your energy company, the grant will be automatically applied to every household bill in October.

The Bolton News: The average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts on Tuesday was 170.4p,The average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts on Tuesday was 170.4p,

Direct debit and credit users will have the money credited to their account, while those with pre-payment meters will have the money applied to their meter or paid via a voucher.

Other measures announced by the Chancellor included: A one-off £650 payment to more than eight million low-income households on benefits, paid in two instalments in July and the autumn at a cost of £5.4bn.

– A £300 payment to pensioner households in November/December alongside the winter fuel payment, costing £2.5bn.

– £150 to individuals receiving disability benefits, worth a total of £0.9bn, paid by September.

The plans will be funded by around £10bn of extra borrowing, but Mr Sunak insisted he had a “responsible fiscal policy”.