An unexpected power cut in Westhoughton has taken place today (Saturday, May 28), affecting more than 13 homes.

The power cut was initially reported at around 1pm, with more than 13 homes being affected according to Electricity North West.

The electricity company aim to have power back to the homes by 10pm tonight.

A spokesperson from Electricity North West said:

"At around one o'clock a power cut was reported. An incident with an underground cable around Leigh Road occurred, which has affected 13 houses.

"More people were affected by the power cut initially, but some of those people's power was automatically restored."

They continued: "Our engineers have dug up the road to repair the cable.

"At 10 o'clock everyone's power should be back on as we are diverting the cables.

"But it will take a couple of days to get the road fixed. Engineers are on site now to make repairs."

Power has now been restored to the homes, having happened at 8:16pm.

If you would like any further information you can call Electricity North West on 105.