THE case of a cancer patient denied life-saving treatment because of NHS red tape has been raised with the Prime Minister.

The town's MP Kate Hollern tackled Boris Johnson in the House of Commons about the lack of funding for Elliott Simpson of Green Park Close in Mill Hill.

The 26-year-old was diagnosed with stage four skin cancer in December 2020 after finding a mole on his skull but could not receive the recommended treatment with two immunotherapy drugs because of other medical problems.

When the use of just one proved inadequate, and after the removal of part of his bowel, he was told he was barred from receiving the second because of NHS red tape.

Elliott spoke of his 18 month 'nightmare' last week and Mrs Hollern described the rigid rules governing the treatment as 'perverse' and wrote to health secretary Sajid Javid asking him to personally authorise it..

On Wednesday she raised his case with Mr Johnson during the debate on Sue Gray's report into 'Partygate'.

She told him: "May I tell your that there is a young man in Blackburn who cannot move on?

"He had a 'wart' on his head, but rather than get an appointment with a doctor he was asked to send in a picture.

"Three months later, he was told that he had stage four cancer.

"So the impact is widespread and the damage is long-lasting, and this young man cannot even get the treatment he needs because he is told it will not be funded.

"Does the Prime Minister feel no shame at totally trashing rules that he made and expected other people to live with?

"He wants to move on and other people are left with the consequences. Surely you must resign."

Mr Johnson said: "No. We want to get on with addressing the Covid backlogs, which is what we are doing."

After the exchange Mrs Hollern said: "Many people throughout our communities had to deal with the harrowing consequences of the circumstances we were under during the thick of the pandemic. Elliott's is one of toughest of stories. Had a doctor seen his growth when he first reported it the cancer could have been tackled long before it had reached the most serious stage, stage four.

"The Prime Minister's response to my question was beyond disappointing and showed a lack of genuine concern.

"I will continue pressing the Prime Minister to look at this and intervene urgently. I am yet to receive a response from Sajid Javid."

Elliott said: "I am pleased Mrs Hollern raised my case with the Prime Minister.

"I just hope this can help not just me but other cancer patients in the same position.

"Let's just hope she can now get somewhere with the Health Secretary."

His mother - Sonia Littler of of Eldercott Grove in Deane in Bolton - said: "I just hope that as part of clearing the Covid backlogs the Prime Minister can do something to help cases like my son caught up in NHS rules governing patient treatment."