A FAMILY has taken over the running of a pastry business in Astley Bridge, giving it a new name and new lease of life.

Bridge Butty Bar was originally known as Berts Home Bake, which opened 18 months before lockdown.

They were just finding their feet when Covid hit.

When Covid hit, the business closed but is back reopen - with a familiar face behind the counter.

Manageress of Bridge Butty Bar - Vicky Yates - previously worked at the shop under the old name and saw it as an opportunity to manage it alongside her daughter-in-law Beth McCarthy.

The Bolton News: Vicky and Beth hopeful for the futureVicky and Beth hopeful for the future

She added: “I started just after Christmas, just helping out.

“With the cost of everything going up, such as the gas and electric, and making all the pastries from scratch, it just wasn’t cost effective to bake pies.

“The ovens would be on all day from the morning.

“And the previous owners didn’t want to pass this on to the customers.

“It is just the two of us, so it is a family business.

“We will hopefully take someone else on eventually.

“I do like a challenge.

“I am looking forward to everything, and hopefully it all goes to plan.”                            

Vicky says that customers can still expect the same quality products and service, but that pasties will come from Carrs Pasties and Hollands, instead of being baked from scratch at the shop.

She added: “I am from Astley Bridge, born and bred.

“So, this will be a no fuss, no nonsense good quality shop for the people of Astley Bridge and further afield.

“We will see over time what the most popular items are.

“We will have meal deals, which will hopefully keep the cost down, but make sure they are still good quality.

“I’d be daft not to give it a go, so I’m gonna give it my best shot.”

One of the original owners of Berts Home Bake will still own the store, but it will be run by Vicky and Beth.

Vicky has previously worked in other sandwich shops in the area, as well as Costa Coffee, and more recently the Bay Mare Pub, which her son Marcus Cooper is the manager of.

Bridge Butty Bar offers a range of different offers everyday Monday-Friday.

You can find out more information on their official Facebook page by searching for their name, or by calling them on 01204 201515.