Do you fancy a night of pure entertainment and laughter...

Well, look no further, as the brilliantly hilarious One Man, Two Gunvors is currently showcasing at the Octagon Theatre and it is fantastic.

The smash hit comedy show wows audiences with witty jokes, hilarious audience participation and just all round brilliant acting.

Octagon Theatre's acclaimed spring/summer season is coming to close and this show really is closing the season with a bang.

One Man, Two Guvnors, directed by Lotte Wakeham and written by Richard Bean, is based on The Servant to Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni and is set in 1963 and follows the antics of recently fired Francis Henshall as he attempts to juggle duties for two new "guvnors", trying to keep them apart to avoid discovery of his double life – with hysterical results.

The main lead role, Francis Henshall, played by Jordan Pearson who is making his professional stage debut in One Man, Two Guvnors, perfectly brought real life into the play at the same time as making it a comical show for all to enjoy.

The Bolton News: One Man, Two GuvnorsOne Man, Two Guvnors

So to did the rest of the cast - Rodney Matthew, Lauren Sturgess, Karl Seth, Qasim Mahmood, Polly Lister, Alexander Bean, Jordan Pearson, Siobhan Athwal, Javier Marzan and Matthew Ganley.

Each actor brought pure joy - and Javiar Marzan who played waiter Alfie was outstanding and making the audience cry with laughter.

Running alongside the show in between scene breaks was a live band called the Winoramas, made up of four of the actors who also featured as characters in the show.

Laughter is guaranteed continously throughout the whole production, with each actor and actress bringing their own personal twist - and no spoilers but there are so many unexpected scenes that will have you in hysterics.

The audience clapped, laughed, loved every minute - and a standing ovation was awarded to the cast after an unforgettable finale.

The show runs at the Octagon Theatre until Saturday, June 25 and tickets start at £15.