BOLTON MP Chris Green had declined to reveal how he will be voting tonight as Boris Johnson faces crunch vote on his leadership following partygate revelations.

The Prime Minister was informed that the threshold of no confidence votes had been met yesterday.

The requisite 54 letters have been received by chairman of the 1922 committee, Sir Graham Brady, with the damning Sue Gray report appearing to be the final nail in the coffin for several members of his party.

A secret ballot that will determine Mr Johnson’s fate will take place at Westminster between 6pm and 8pm this evening (Monday June 6), with an announcement expected to be delivered shortly after.

The PM has written to his party members in a last ditch effort to keep himself in number 10.

Chris Green, Conservative MP for Bolton West, is in London ready to cast his vote, however he would not be drawn into revealing whether he was one of those responsible to triggering it.

He said: “I decided a while ago that I wouldn’t discuss this publicly. I know some of my colleagues have gone public, but I won’t as I think it ought to be a private matter.

“It’s Parliament that chooses the Prime Minister, and the Conservative party that chooses its leader.”

He was also uninterested in revealing which way he would be voting this evening and found it difficult to predict the outcome.

The Bolton News: Chris Green MPChris Green MP

He added: “It’s hard to judge. There’s a huge amount of speculation on the causes. Obviously, the law breaking in at Number 10 has been a factor, as well as other things like Ukraine.

“All these factors will play a part in making a decision later today.”

Bolton South East MP and Labour party representative Yasmin Qureshi said: "As the news agenda moves to focus on a no confidence vote in our embarrassment of a Prime Minister, in Bolton South East my constituents face stress and anxieties like no other as the cost of living crisis deepens. 

“I fear the latest in this political saga risks detracting away from the fact that inflation is soaring, growth is slowing, and the economic outlook is getting worse.

“It is my constituents who will suffer.

"For what it's worth, the Prime Minister should resign - I've said it before numerous times.

The Bolton News: Yasmin Qureshi MPYasmin Qureshi MP

“It is clear he doesn't have the support of his wider party and as a result the government is paralysed by inaction and indecision. A drawn-out internal fight takes focus away from the issues of the moment - he should do the honourable thing and go."

Tory party MP for Bolton North East Mark Logan released a statement this afternoon where he described himself as "infuriated" when he heard about the parties in Downing Street.

He said: "When I met with the Prime Minister in January 2022, as your elected representative, I wanted him to understand the gravity of his actions and the palpable anger amongst Boltonians. 

"We deserved better. We deserved change. We deserved leadership."

He added: "Since then, I have seen notable changes at Number 10 - both in staff, culture and attitude. Sue Gray noted that she was 'pleased with the progress' within Downing Street. 

"Existence of the problems have been recognised, fines paid and an upheaval of the inner operation, making moves in a better direction, cultivating more professionalism at the centre of government. 

"All this falls on the backdrop of the biggest peacetime crisis in a generation and war in Europe, where the Prime Minister has shown global leadership. 

"This is why I will be voting for the Government in tonight’s confidence vote. Now is not the time to create more uncertainty for the country."