On a day when the Prime Minister has told his cabinet to “draw a line” under the discontent surrounding his leadership, Bolton MPs have reacted to yesterday’s damaging confidence vote in Westminster.

After the announcement yesterday that the 54 letters required to trigger a vote were received by Chairman of the 1922 committee Sir Graham Brady, all three of Bolton’s parliamentary representatives were vocal in the build-up.

Bolton North East MP Mark Logan revealed in a statement last night that he would be backing the PM, while Bolton West MP Chris Green was tight-lipped over whether he was one of those who had submitted a letter, as well as not disclosing how he intended to vote.

The Bolton News: (Left to right): Chris Green, Boris Johnson and Mark Logan in The Bolton News office earlier this year(Left to right): Chris Green, Boris Johnson and Mark Logan in The Bolton News office earlier this year

Meanwhile, Bolton South East MP expectedly reaffirmed her longstanding position that Boris Johnson should “do the honourable thing and go”.

Boris Johnson survived the anonymous ballot – albeit with 41 per cent of his party declaring no confidence in his leadership.

Mr Green said: “It’s deeply concerning for the Prime Minister that so many of his colleagues voted no confidence in him and expressed their desires for a change of leader.

“He must begin by setting a strong agenda to deal with the cost-of-living crisis, giving tax cuts and a strong levelling up agenda. He still has the support to restore his political fortunes.

The Bolton News: Chris Green MPChris Green MP

“If he doesn’t set out a strong domestic policy with a significant reshuffle of his team it’s hard to see him recover.

“He’s a great political survivor. He has the ability to recover but this is his greatest test yet.”

He added: “The confidence vote was significantly worse than the one that saw Theresa May depart after and it was also worse than the one that saw Margaret Thatcher resign two days later, so the Prime Minister must act fast."

Mr Logan said: “The PM won the confidence vote, however it is clear that much needs to be done to bring our party and country together in a cause of unity.

The Bolton News: Mark Logan MPMark Logan MP

“Our great country needs unity not division.

“I have always been, and will continue to be, committed to bringing people together.

“It’s time to get back to delivering the people's priorities.”

Bolton South-East MP Yasmin Qureshi said: "The result of last night's confidence vote shows the governing party more divided than ever. 41 per cent of the Conservative party have no confidence in their own leader who now has no mandate to govern.

“As I said yesterday, my fear is the Prime Minister will limp on and his government will fail to address the cost-of-living crisis and the other pressing issues facing British politics

The Bolton News: Yasmin Qureshi MPYasmin Qureshi MP

"My view remains that he must resign so the Government can be free from the stasis it currently finds itself in. If he won't, the Labour party stand ready as a government in waiting"