A TATTOO artist is finally taking the leap and opening a tattoo studio in Bolton after 10 years in the industry.

Ryan Wild has always dreamt of having his own business, but wanted to build his knowledge and experience before making the big decision.

Part of the reason Ryan waited was because of the uncertainty and the change in how people search for tattoo artists on social media, rather than previously, where customers would physically go on the lookout.

He hopes that his digital first approach will help the business thrive in a challenging market.

The Bolton News: Designs made by the talented tattoo artistsDesigns made by the talented tattoo artists

Ryan who will be the owner of Wild Tattoo Company added: “I'm super excited.

“Opening my own studio has always been the plan.

“I feel I've waited it out and really thought about everything and learned a lot from working in other studios over the years.

“Now I think I finally have enough knowledge to build something that stands out, something better for both artists and clients.”

His studio will offer a comfortable environment, where customers can play on the X-box while they wait, including a free drink to keep you nice and hydrated.

Tattoo fans could also benefit from a discount code on their birthday.

The Bolton News: Designs made by the talented tattoo artistsDesigns made by the talented tattoo artists

Ryan will use a digital calendar system where each client gets their own profile, meaning reminders for your appointments, aftercare instructions, and notifications on discounted pieces and cancellation slots, will be sent out.

Ryan added: “In my 10 years of tattooing, I've noticed a significant drop off in clients walking in off the street, along with a huge increase in tattoo studios social presence.

“Unfortunately, people don't just go out to look for a tattoo artist anymore, they scroll through the internet to find ideas, then scroll through social media to find an artist.

“I feel with my new venture I should play into that and try and take the steps to stay ahead online.”

Ryan’s studio will open in July at 22 Chorley New Road, BL1 4AP.

Ryan and Rudy Foy will be the first artists to start, with space for three more residential artists, and one space reserved for guest artists.

Visit www.wildtattoocompany.co.uk, or  email enquires@wildtattoocompany.co.uk.