People in Bolton have expressed mixed views on the future of Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister narrowly won the vote of confidence in him held by the Conservative Party.

A total of 211 MPS voted in his favour but there were 148 voted against him.

The margin of victory is smaller than previous Conservative leaders who endured a vote of confidence as Prime Minister including Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Theresa May.

The Bolton News spoke to people in the town centre to see what people thought about whether he should continue in the job or whether he should have been removed.

Here is what they had to say.

Hamida Bapu, 69, from Heaton, who is retired said: “Keep Boris.

“I know what he did, he did break the law, but he handled the pandemic well.

“Everybody makes mistakes, nobody is perfect.”

Sarah Openshaw, 79, from Radcliffe, retired, said: “Who would they put in his place.

“I would hate that Starmer to get in.

“Everybody I speak to says the same.

“The only thing I would say against Boris is he hasn’t stopped the boats coming in with economic migrants.

"I don't think Labour will get in.

"He should call an election then will be in for another five years."

“He is the best of a bad bunch.”

Derek Crowder, 85, of Bolton, said: “They definitely should have got rid, he is incompetent.

“He did what he did, drinking and that, while everybody else stayed home.

“I do not know much about who else it could be in fairness, I am not that into it.

“I think he should have resigned himself even before the vote.”

Paul Tarry, Bury, 77, said: “He is not going to be there for much longer.

“I do not have confidence in him.

“My local MP is James Daly in Bury North, I think he voted in support of Boris, which he is entitled to do, because he is a loyal party member it is what he should do, but if he had the country’s interests at heart he could have voted against Boris.

“He just can’t be trusted.

“I would go for Jeremy Hunt, that is a bigger problem, who replaced Boris.

“That is not my problem, it is a problem for the Conservative Party.”