The boss of the Parklife festival is looking for the happy couple that got engaged on stage to offer them a free honeymoon. 

Sacha Lord, the mind behind the Heaton Park festival, offered to pay for the honeymoon and free entry to Parklife and The Warehouse Project for life after onlookers trolled the pair.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Mr Lord said: "They’ll never have to pay to come to any of our events again, whether it’s Parklife or the Warehouse Project, but I want to take a further step.

Parklife proposal couple to get a free honeymoon and lifetime entry


He added: "I want to pay for the honeymoon. And when they go away, I want them to sit there in the sun posting pictures to social media, knowing that those people who had a go at them are bitter, and they’re not there.

"So let’s find them, and let’s look after them.”

Myles Goodfellow was the lucky man that proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Indy Geraghty.

The incredible moment took place during Yung Filly's set on the main stage on June 11 as 80,000 fans watched on.

The internet then tried to ruin a pure moment by tearing down the couple. 

Writing on his social media, the festival boss described the negative public reaction as "quite frankly vile".

Thankfully, there were a lot of best wishes and congratulations in the comments following Sacha Lord's announcement.

Following praising hand emojis, one user wrote: "Amazing congratulations to the couple I hope you find them."

Another commented:" Why were people being cruel? Surely this is something to celebrate and be happy about in this shitty world."

A third added: "What a beautiful gesture, how can people be so cruel about an act of love? Says more about them."