A WOMAN who smashed her sister’s car into parked cars had no licence or insurance and had previously been convicted of careless driving.

Alexandra Csonka, a mum-of-three, admitted she was driving too fast and skidded into the back of a parked VW Passat which, in turn, hit a Ford Fiesta, pushing it into a Ford Transit van.

At Bolton Magistrates’ Court 30-year-old Csonka pleaded guilty to careless driving and having no licence or insurance.

Ann Deakin, prosecuting, told how, at 1.45pm on Boxing Day last year, Csonka was driving the Audi A4 on Gilnow Road, Bolton.

As the car approached a row of parked vehicles, Csonka failed to alter her course and collided with a Passat.

“Significant damage was caused to the rear of that vehicle. The Passat has then travelled forward and collided with a Ford Fiesta which has then collided with a Ford Transit,” said Miss Deakin.

Csonka remained at the scene and admitted to police that she had been the driver of the Audi.

“She said she skidded when approaching the cars because it was wet. She also admitted driving too fast,” said Miss Deakin.

Representing herself in court, Csonka, of Tavistock Road, Bolton, admitted that she has been prosecuted previously for careless driving and having no licence or insurance in 2020.

She told magistrates that, on the most recent occasion, she had borrowed her sister’s car without her knowledge and said she would not drive any more.

Csonka was fined £200 and banned from applying for a driving licence for two years. She was also ordered to pay £119 in costs and charges.

Chairman of the bench, Martin Bennett, told her: “If you do this again and hurt somebody you can expect to go to prison – it is that serious. So don’t drive a vehicle until you are legally entitled to.”