An engineer at Amazon in Bolton is preparing to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday with one of his colleagues, who is also his son.  

Barry Innes, who has worked at Amazon since 2017, is one of dozens of fathers working at Amazon across the UK who work alongside their children.

As Father’s Day 2022 approaches, the father and son team have spoken about how their family bond ties them together both inside and outside work. 

Barry works alongside his son Joe, who is an engineering apprentice at the Amazon fulfilment centre in Bolton. Barry and Joe have worked together since Joe started his apprenticeship in 2018. 

Before joining Amazon, Barry worked as a project manager for a company manufacturing currency and applied for a role with Amazon as he wanted a new challenge.

Joe was in the midst of completing a mechanical apprenticeship for a different company.

But after hearing how much his dad enjoyed working at Amazon, he decided to leave his existing role to start a new journey at the tech giant, with hopes of progressing even further with his education. 

The Bolton News: Joe and his dad Barry love working togetherJoe and his dad Barry love working together

Barry and Joe work together to process packages for customers in Bolton and around the UK.

Their close working relationship is something the pair really enjoy.

Barry said: “I really enjoy the fact I can see Joe grow.

“I’ve watched him progress all his life and for him to continue with developing on a daily basis is a really proud moment for me.” 

Joe echoes his dad’s thoughts when it comes to working together, thanking his dad for “mentorship and guidance”.

He discussed his dad’s constant encouragement to grow independently, adding: “When it comes to advice, he points me in the right direction, lining a route for me to go down on my own.” 

Joe said that his dad always helps with anything he needs, especially when he needs support.

He added: “If I need a joke and a laugh, we have the same sense of humour.” 

Barry shared some advice for any family members who work together, or are thinking about working together.

He said: “It’s a great opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones.

“Life’s too short and we need to take every moment that we can.” 

The Bolton News: Joe and his dad Barry love working togetherJoe and his dad Barry love working together

Joe said that the whole team at Amazon in Bolton feels like a family.

Joe added: “The overall support from Amazon if you want to push yourself to progress is great.

“I’m thankful for the balanced approach to working life at Amazon here in Bolton, with the freedom to work independently while having support around you when needed.” 

Barry added: “Amazon is a place that allows you to grow and develop at your own pace, with plenty of opportunities.” 

Finally, speaking ahead of Father’s Day, Joe revealed some of his plans for Barry.

He said: “The whole family, including my two older sisters and their families, will come together for breakfast in the morning and spend some quality time together.” 

Amazon Bolton General Manager, John Strydom, added: “Barry and Joe are much-loved members of our team at Amazon in Bolton and it’s great that they get to work alongside each other.

“I hope Joe has some special plans for Father’s Day and Barry enjoys his day.”