Two friends from Bolton have come together to create a moving set of photographs to highlight the impact of depression on women.

The photos were taken by Little Lever based photographer Jenine Taylor and show her friend Rachael Byrne, from Astley Bridge, in poses illustrating the effect the condition has had on her.

They first met after reaching out on social media and both hope that the work they’ve done can help encourage other people who are feeling the same way to talk more openly about what they are going through.

Ms Byrne said: “I think its always been a big issue but now because of social media you read about things seemingly every week.”

She added: “People always say that men don’t talk but I think with women as well, especially when you’re on your own there’s the feeling that you just have to keep going.”

The Bolton News:

The photographs were taken by Jenine Taylor

Ms Byrne explained that after depression hit her, it was ultimately her love for her son that convinced her to reach out.

She said: “I just started driving I didn’t even feel like it had been that long but then I received a message about my son needing a hospital appointment.

“I had these protective instincts come out and I thought, no, this is my job to take him to these appointments.”

Ms Byrne said that often fear that they could be deemed unfit to look after their children deters women suffering with depression to come forward but that help is out there.

She said: “So many people have that fear but its just not the case.”

The Bolton News:

Ms Byrne says help is out there for people who need it

The Astley Bridge mother-of-three then started to talk with Ms Taylor, whose studio opened on High Street, Little Lever, earlier this year on social media and they decided to put her photography skills to use to raise awareness

Asked what advice she would give, Ms Byrne said: “Stop telling people you’re OK if you’re not.

“You shouldn’t have to tell people you’re brave.”

She added: “If a friend asks you, you should be able to say that today is not a great day for me.”