A BRAZEN burglar who went on a massive crime spree, breaking into dozens of businesses in Farnworth and Bolton, has been locked up.

Drug addict David Brooks broke into a home and targeted commercial buildings, ransacking the properties and stealing cash and goods after climbing into them via roofs and toilet windows.

On one occasion “arrogant” Brooks even took time to make himself a hot drink.

The crimewave, in November and December last year, led to calls for police action from angry Farnworth town centre businesses who claimed confidence was at rock bottom.

At Bolton Crown Court 40-year-old Brooks was jailed for 876 days after pleading guilty to a house burglary and a further two years in prison after admitting six business break-ins, with a further 24 thefts taken into account.

“It was a quite deliberate decision to target small local businesses over a period of weeks, “ Judge Gilbart told Brooks.

“You caused damage, you stole significant amounts of cash and valuables and you caused considerable inconvenience to a type of business which already operates under significant pressure.”

Carl Hargan, prosecuting, told how Brooks’ first targets on the night of November 14 last year were the Charlotte Marie Makeover Studio and the Wellington pub in Market Street, Farnworth.

Brooks smashed his way into the Makeover Studio and, before making off with a large amount of beauty products and an iPhone, together worth £3,400, made himself a brew.

The business is situated in the Wellington pub, which Brooks also burgled, breaking in through the roof and a ventilation hatch into the gent’s toilets.

CCTV showed Brooks stealing charity boxes, a staff tips jar and computer equipment.

“It is particularly disgusting that you would steal money from a charity box, taking advantage of others’ generosity and public spirit,” Judge Gilbart told him.

Three days later Brooks broke into KM Warehouse, also in Market Street, after forcing open a fire door and stole £500.

And on November 21 The Royal Balti House restaurant became Brooks’ target, where he climbed onto a roof, broke in through the ladies’ toilets and stole £5,706 in goods and cash.

On the night of December 13 Brooks burgled the Greyhound pub in Deansgate, Bolton, entering through the ladies’ toilet, but did not steal anything.

“There were footprints on the windowsill and specks of blood,” said Mr Hargan.

Three days later Brooks was back at The Beauty Salon, Market Street, Farnworth, where he broke in through a hole in the ceiling and ransacked the premises, stealing cash and a computer.

Other businesses he stole from were mainly takeaways.

Fingerprints and blood left at the scene of his crimes led police to identify the burglar, who also stole music and computer equipment from a house in Carlton Street, Bolton, on the night of March 21 last year

The court heard that Brooks, of Presto Street, Farnworth, has convictions for 40 previous crimes, including burglaries, causing grievous bodily harm, drug dealing and motoring offences.

Craig MacGregor, defending, said that, for most of his 20s and 30s Brooks, who is addicted to crack cocaine, has been in prison and, on his most recent release last year, was homeless and without support.

“Some of the burglaries were committed just to eat or to get a brew,” said Mr MacGregor.

“He wasn’t supervised properly by probation, he would say, and he believes the system has failed him."

But Judge Gilbart told him: “I have heard about the circumstances in which you found yourself when you were released from custody but it does really speak of some arrogance on your behalf that you made yourself a drink while you were in premises and burgling them.”