A nine-year-old boy is go-karting his way towards his dream of one day becoming an F1 driver.

Joshua Lowe from Little Lever is one of the fastest nine-year-olds in town.

He regularly reaches speeds of 65mph in his go-kart, gifted to him two years when his love of motorsport started.

The youngster was crowned the IndiKart Bambino Comer 2019 champion, finishing 22 points clear of his nearest rival.

Since then, Joshua has moved up into Sodi Micromax Class, the ultimate karting championship and this season alone has two second place finishes and one first.

His mum, Natalie Lowe said: “My husband Martin used to race so Joshua was always at a race track and after he went to Rochdale team karting he showed potential and moved to outdoor tracks.

“We got him a kart for Christmas and he entered his first race six months later.”

As a fan of F1 driver and 2021 championship winner Max Verstappen, Joshua hopes to emulate his success one day.

Natalie said: “Joshua started at 32mph and to think now he’s at 65mph, and he’s only recently turned nine years old.

“His dad Martin gave up racing so Joshua could live his dream and he lives through him.

“He has two sisters as well, 16-year-old Gracie and 15-year-old Olivia, so it’s a whole family event on weekends and his sisters come to support him.”

Racing can get quite expensive and the parents spend around £1,300 for a weekend to get Joshua racing including entry fees, fuel and tyres.

Natalie said: “He’s really passionate about it at such a young age and wants to impress everybody.

“The team say he’s a breath of fresh air, he’s always smiling and ready to race.

“We try to get him out two or three times a month and go all over the country because he needs the experience.”

Joshua currently races for the Coles Racing team based in Taunton and is racing in the Sodi Micromax Class but has also competed in BKC and CKC Championships this year.

He has raced at Whilton Mill, GYG Wales, Rowrah Cumbria, and Warden Law Sunderland.

Getting to the top won’t be easy for the nine-year-old, who works out every evening as well as taking part in boxing, football and cricket to keep his stamina at a good level.

The family are currently looking for more sponsorship to help with the costs of running Joshua’s dream and those interested can email m.lowe548@btinternet.com.

Sponsors include MKM building supplies, Bolton Hannon Holmes Estate agents, HSS Scaffolding, Disley electrical, PSL print management, and MAE groundwork and construction.