A former midwife and nurse is petitioning for ovarian cancer blood test screening for women with minor symptoms after being diagnosed with the disease late.

Christine Thomasson, from Horwich, spent her wedding day on June 3 this year saying her vows from a chair.

She is bravely battling stage four ovarian cancer.

Christine was officially diagnosed in May after suffering from symptoms including rapid weight loss, loss of appetite and needing to urinate more often.

The symptoms were missed for a period of time before she was diagnosed but could have been detected earlier with a blood test called CA125, which the nurse says can save many lives if made available to women with any of those symptoms.

She said: ”Just weeks ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer so this won't help me but it could help other women.

“Ovarian Cancer is known as the 'silent killer’ yet a blood test called CA125, which costs £39 could help with early detection and intervention .

“It could save thousands of pounds as treatment in the later stages is extensive and expensive.  

“A mammogram costs around £225 - surely it's worth at least trialling screening , maybe saving lives and saving the NHS money.”

The retired midwife is currently due to undergo her first cycle of chemotherapy at Christie’s Hospital, where doctors hope there is still a chance she will survive.

But Christine wants to raise awareness of the symptoms and help women especially over 50 to get tested early so they can prevent it from happening to them.

She said: “A lot of people tell me that I look so good but I feel exhausted and have to sit down after just having a shower.

“But the main thing for me is how the screening will help other women to avoid ovarian cancer and detect it early while saving the NHS money.”

Christine recently married her partner Chris Dale at Brockholes Nature Reserve and had the most beautiful wedding.

She said: “I was upset about how I was going to get through my wedding day like this but the doctors could give me steroids to help and it was amazing.

“But when the clock hit 11.30pm I had to hold my hand up and leave, but I had told everyone about the cancer so they didn’t think I was just not enjoying my day.”

You can sign the petition here.