Twelve brave people from different North West businesses are embarking on a four-week crash course in stand-up comedy as part of a charity fundraising project for Lagan’s Foundation in Bolton.

The course will end with them delivering self-penned routines to a packed audience.

They will have been trained by Laughology’s Lead Facilitator and professional comedian Kerry Leigh and also supported by Laughology’s Head of People, Sarah Brown.

Each performer will have to overcome their nerves and deliver a five-minute routine to an audience at Real Axe, Dunscar, Bolton.

It will be a huge challenge for our performers, none of whom have any stand-up experience, beyond cracking a few jokes in the office or down their local.

There will undoubtedly be nerves on the night, but we know these will be outweighed by the laughs.

So, for the people who fancy a laugh on a Thursday night and would like to support he budding performers, while also giving to an amazing charity, please purchase your ticket.

Tickets are priced at £20 and include a free drink - spirit and mixer, draught beer, wine or soft drink - and all proceeds will go to Lagan’s Foundation.

The vision of Lagan’s Foundation is to provide highly skilled professional carers to assist families so they can receive a short break.

Get tickets here.