An amateur drone pilot and videographer delights in showing Bolton from a fresh perspective.

Paul Miller, a 53-year-old delivery driver originally from Breightmet, likes to spend his free time by sending up his drone to capture some Bolton’s scenery and architecture from rarely seen viewpoints.

When the weather permits – a clear day with minimal wind - you will often find Paul flying his drone around some of Bolton’s most interesting buildings, filming them to later edit at home and share with people in the area on social media.

“Wherever I do it I join a Facebook group and I post it on there and I always get the same reaction,” Paul said.

“The comments you get from people as soon as you go above 30ft are great – it looks beautiful.

“People get a new perspective. They’re normally just stuck on their feet.”

Purely for the love of his hobby – although he did admit that he wished it was his job - Paul is all too happy to take requests.

He said: “People make requests – they ask for certain places in Bolton. I recently did Turton Tower and I sent it to them and I think they’re going to use it for something. They loved it.”

He added: “I write my own songs so put them to it. It’s a good way of getting them out there too.”

Paul’s favourite things to get up close and personal with are churches.

He said: “I like to do churches. I do a lot of the old churches in Bolton.  You get to see the intricate detail for the first time. It’s amazing.”

As well as for sheer curiosity, Paul explained that it’s a great boost to his mental health – giving him a reason to get out and about and meet new people.

“It’s a good way to get chatting to somebody. If I’m setting it up in a park or whatever, someone always comes over to have a look at the screen.

“It’s a reason for me to go out somewhere. If I just went out and sat and watched the sun set it would be a bit boring.”

With his job, he often finds himself in unfamiliar places, but he often takes his drone along with him in case he finds himself with a bit of times on his hands.

“I take it up whenever I get chance,” he said.

If you want to see more of Paul's videos, you can visit his YouTube channel here.