A MAN jumped up and down on his former partner’s car bonnet after she ignored him in a late-night phone call.

Mark Kellet, prosecuting, told how Ashley Robinson was no longer living with his partner after their relationship broke down but they have a young child together so were still in touch.

On February 11 he tried to contact her but she did not want to speak to him and so turned her phone off. But in the early hours of the following morning he got through to her at 2.30am.

“You took offence to the way she appeared to fall asleep. Hardly surprising considering the time of the early hour if the morning and the fact that she’s got young children. No doubt you gave that little or no thought,” the judge, Recorder Jeremy Lasker, told Robinson.

Feeling aggrieved, Robinson turned up at the woman’s home at 3am and threw stones at her bedroom window to wake her up.

He ignored her pleas to be quiet and leave, instead hurling bricks at her car before climbing onto the bonnet and stamping on it.

Robinson then damaged the front door of her house and forced his way inside, picking up her car keys and driving off in the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

“It’s not over. It’s a waiting game,” he told her.

Robinson, aged 33, of Vincent Court, Bolton, pleaded guilty to harassment and criminal damage. The court heard he already has a lengthy criminal record and has been in prison on remand since the crimes in February.

Nicholas Ross, defending, said that Robinson now wishes to engage with the probation service.

“He now wants to do the right thing rather than the wrong thing,” said Mr Ross.

Recorder Lasker described Robinson’s behaviour as “appalling”.

He added: “It is pretty apparent to me that you simply have no real respect for other people, you have no respect for other people’s property and you have no respect for the courts.

“You think, wrongly, that the world revolves around you, your needs and your wishes and you give no thought for anyone but yourself. You are completely selfish and self-centred.”

Robinson was sentenced to 22 weeks in prison, but because of the time he has already spent in jail on remand, he was released. A community sentence he was already serving for another offence will continue.