A Bolton man has voiced their anger after someone left a car outside their home for more than three months.

The car is parked on a street off Mansell Way in Horwich and is attracting attention from neighbours.

The resident, who wants to remain to remain anonymous, said the owner of the car should be mindful of where they park it.

He said: “Have a bit of thought for where you abandon your vehicle.

"It’s not just me, it’s a whole host of local people on said roads who go out walking dogs or with their kids who are sick of looking at it.

“You could argue that it’s obstructing the footway, you couldn’t push a pram past it.”

The resident also spoke about their concern as to what would happen to the car.

They said: “My worry is it is the longer it’s there the more attention it will attract from the youth of today.

“It won’t be long before it’s up on bricks, alloys stolen, radio stolen or god forbid set on fire.”

The resident told the story of how another car had been stolen and abandoned nearby.

They said: “All of a sudden one night there was all sorts of commotion with blue lights, turned out a car had been abandoned for a couple of days.

“It was stolen and the tracker was activated and the police obviously found it. The police carted it off.”

Cllr Sue Baines stressed that the problem needs to be dealt with.

She said: “The vehicle outside the resident’s property has been there for 12 weeks.

“We’ve contacted the police about it, but it’s taxed and MOT’d.”

The Bolton News: The silver Ford Mondeo which has been left outside the resident's home for over 3 monthsThe silver Ford Mondeo which has been left outside the resident's home for over 3 months

Cllr Baines added: “I’ve contacted the police asking for them to remove it.

“The resident contacted me, and we need to get this sorted.”

Greater Manchester Police has been approached for comment.