A resident from Westhoughton has expressed his anger about overgrown Japanese knotweed making its way into his back garden.

Eddie Harwood, 64, says it has been a problem historically for years, but he noticed the re-emergence of it coming from a council-owned field two weeks ago.

He said that he was at a loss as to what to do next, after he says the council were unable to help him.

But since The Bolton News contacted Bolton Council, the local authority said they are "looking into it" and will take the "appropriate steps if necessary".

Eddie said: “It’s right behind my house, and other terraced houses, on a council field.

“It has been growing massively in the field and then spread to the back streets.

“It is a metre away from my garden fence outside.

“It’s encroaching on three houses.”

The Bolton News: Japanese knotweed in residents' gardenJapanese knotweed in residents' garden

At its worst, Japanese knotweed can grow up to 20cm per day, with the roots growing three metres deep in the ground, and spreading seven metres in all directions, which is known to lead to structural problems within properties.

Eddie says that because of how quickly the knotweed grows, it needs to be treated as quickly as possible, because the problem will become much worse otherwise.

One of the other issues he says residents faced was being unable to get through the walkway to the field.

Eddie says that he has only lived in the area for a year and was not made aware of the issue before moving in.

He added: “I have only lived here about a year.

“It can devalue your house around 20 per cent, and when I moved in, they said they weren’t aware of any knotweed.

“And this has happened before with other neighbours who have complained.

“They eventually sent someone round, but it came back with a vengeance.

“I just want somebody to see what they can do about it because nobody has discussed it.

“I am more angry than frustrated, because of how fast it can grow in a matter of days.

“Its roots are that strong, it can take up to five years to kill.”

Eddie explained how he was not able to get rid of the knotweed himself because of it  requiring chemical treatment.