People in Bolton are being invited to give their views on how to shape the government’s 10 year plan for mental health.

This comes after the Department for Health and Social Care launched a call for evidence all across the country, which Bolton has now taken up as well.

The government says this could be a key aspect to tackling unequal life chances in the UK.

A Bolton Council statement said: “The government is committed to improving mental health and wellbeing outcomes, particularly for people who experience worse outcomes than the general population.

“This is a key part of their commitment to level up, and address unequal outcomes and life chances across the country.

“The Government has committed to develop a new cross-government, 10-year plan for mental health and wellbeing for England to support this objective.

“They want to ensure their new plan responds to the public’s priorities and set out what we can all do as a whole society to drive better outcomes.

“We all have mental health, and all have a part to play in changing things for the better.”

As such, Bolton Council has launched a survey on mental health, active until July 7.

To take part, go to the active consultations section on Bolton Council’s website.