A Bolton resident has warned others of a path where her dog got glass embedded into his foot.

Annabel Cantarero, aged 31, of Farnworth, was left distraught as she walked her dog down a path between Campbell Street and Victoria Street in Farnworth.

She  said: “It happened on a narrow lane between Campbell Street and Victoria Street. It’s very close to the new residences that have been built.

“It happened on Easter weekend. It took him about four weeks to recover, and all the trips to the vets – it’s been horrendous.”

The Bolton News: Annabel's dog had to wear a cone due to the operations at the vets after his injuryAnnabel's dog had to wear a cone due to the operations at the vets after his injury

Annabel described the state of the path, saying:

“There’s batteries, trolleys, I found a ballet tutu - stuff that shouldn’t be there.”

She also sent some photos which depicted the path littered with rubbish, including broken breezeblocks and numerous plastic bottles, amongst other debris.

Annabel highlighted how dangerous it is for the path to be in the state it’s in.

She said: “It’s dangerous for children, for animals walking there. At the end of the day, we’re talking about my dog but it could have been any person.

The Bolton News: Some of the debris on the pathSome of the debris on the path

“Every person who walks down there says it is a disgrace.”

She continued: “Also it is a really nice lane because it goes into a massive park. But children go back from school that way.”

Annabel said how she has contacted the council about the issue.

Bolton Council have confirmed that the path is Bolton Council land, but that it isn't part of the scheduled cleaning route due to its size and rural nature.