A clean up group have been left heartbroken after historic cobbles were removed ‘as part of essential repairs’.

Founder of Horwich Clean Up Brigade, Charlene Bessell, says they spent more than 30 hours volunteering to maintain the path at the old entrance in Old Station Park, Horwich.

Charlene explained that she is a bit of a history buff and is really upset that the cobbles have been lifted up to be re-laid by the council.

She added: “My family emigrated from the area to Rhode Island, America, and then back, in the 1800s.

“It’s heart-breaking to have them removed because of all the people who walked on them and the rich history.

“It means a lot to the people of Horwich.

“It won’t be the same when they are re-laid, and this is going to ruin it.

“It is upsetting that they have let us continue to do work, knowing they would lift the cobbles up.

The Bolton News: Before and after the cobbles were liftedBefore and after the cobbles were lifted

“Every single object has its own history, and the cobbles tell stories of who people were and where they were going.”

She says that this was split into five or six sessions to clean up the cobbles and make the pathway more accessible.

Charlene added: “It is the historic entrance to Horwich train station.

“It’s more than just a path to the local people.

“The cobbles were all overgrown with grass, and you could hardly see them.

“Volunteers swept up fallen leaves and grass, and made it more accessible, and pretty.

“We gave up a lot of our time and didn’t think they would lift them all.”

Charlene said that some councillors and MPs have also come along to help.

She said that the volunteer group cannot continue with the project until the council work is complete.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “A section of the cobbled footpath into Old Station Park is currently being re-laid as part of essential repairs to reduce trip hazards caused by raised tree roots. “The cobbles have been lifted and will be re-laid in situ.”