Police and emergency services were at Royal Bolton Hospital today sparking concern there had been a major incident.

But there was no cause for alarm as a training exercise designed to test the hospital and the emergency services' response to a 'specialist incident'.

The Bolton News was contacted by readers worried about the large emergency presence

One thought a major incident had taken place.

The hospital posted that patients should attend as normal while the training exercise was going on. 

A spokesman said: “We’re testing our emergency department response to a specialist incident today in a training exercise.

“Please still attend our hospital if you are in need.

“Thank you to everyone for your patience during our training exercise.

  “Full write-up and pics to follow.”

A member of staff at the A&E department said that the training involved dummies and volunteers.

He even said that if he was passing by, he would wonder what was happening too.

A sign was also displayed outside the A&E entrance explaining that a training exercise was taking place from 10am-12pm today.

The Bolton News: Notice outside of hospitalNotice outside of hospital

Accident and Emergency was open throughout the exercise.