A group of men sought retribution after their friend, Tyrone Williamson, was fatally stabbed, a court has heard.

After seeking out Anthony George, who they blamed for injuring Mr Williamson, the group viciously punched and kicked him and he was stabbed repeatedly.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court heard that two men, Jason Wilding and Adam Disa-Green, have already pleaded guilty to wounding Mr George while four others, Nathan Carney-Williamson, Roy Meanley, Brendan Carney and Thomas Lynch, deny committing the offence.

Opening the case for the prosecution, Jaime Hamilton QC told the court: “This case is about the revenge that was visited upon Anthony George by the friends and family of the man, the prosecution say, George had killed.”

On the evening of December 11 last year Tyrone Williamson was killed after he was stabbed several times.

The court heard that Anthony George was thrown out of a house in Battenberg Road, Bolton, and was seen with a knife.

“There was a verbal altercation between Anthony George and Tyrone Williamson which resulted in Anthony George fatally stabbing Tyrone Williamson,” said Mr Hamilton.

Mr Williamson was rushed to hospital where he was later declared dead, although six of his friends and family did not know this when they went looking for Mr George. Several of them had been seen at a police cordon set up in Battenberg Road.

“They found him at some time around 8.15pm and viciously assaulted him, leaving him with serious injury,” said Mr Hamilton.

“They knew their friend or relative had been badly injured. They set out to do the same.”

The jury was shown CCTV footage of the attack upon Mr George.

He was walking along a Lincoln Road with his friend, Frank Leatherbarrow, when they are spotted by the group.

It was said that while five of the men began assaulting Mr George, Thomas Lynch chased Mr Leatherbarrow away into a shop before returning the scene.

“It is the prosecution’s case that Lynch, although not directly involved in the attack, deliberately acts to support the attack by chasing away a potential ally and potential witness,” said Mr Hamilton.

Wilding is said to have been at the front of the attack, standing over Mr George as he fell to the ground and rolled towards a car.

He aimed a kick at their victim and squatted over him as others punched Mr George.

“As Wilding steps back, he is seen to pick something up from the floor,” said Mr Hamilton. “When the others make off he is the last to leave. As he does so he delivers two final stamps to the prone body of George.”

Nathan Carney-Williams was seen kicking Mr George, as was Adam Disa-Green, while Brendan Carney also kicked out and punched and Roy Meanley joined in by striking him with his hands.

At some point Mr George was stabbed several times.

“Where that knife came from, who it belonged to and who used it to inflict injury may be amongst the issues in this case,” said Mr Hamilton.

He added: “Irrespective of the fact that this is not a case where each of them has a knife and inflicted stab wounds, it is the prosecution’s case that their attack and intention is a joint one. Kicking a defenceless man on the floor is every bit as brutal as stabbing someone.”

The court heard that, while the attack was going on, the defendants shouted encouragement and instructions to each other, including mentioning the victim being stabbed.

After hearing the commotion, several residents in Lincoln Road came out to help the injured Mr George, who was reluctant to receive assistance and told them “no police, no police”.

He was taken to hospital with three stab wounds to his abdomen and two to his back. One of the wounds damaged his kidney, he needed surgery and remained in hospital until January 5.

As the defendants were walking away from the scene after the attack a witness in Victory Street overheard one of them say to the others: “You wash it and I’ll get rid of it.”

Two men were then seen crouching down and washing a knife in a puddle.

When arrested Carney, aged 26, of Cloister Street, Bolton, his brother Nathan Carney-Williamson, aged 29, of Battenberg Road, Bolton, Roy Meanley, aged 29, of Rowena Street, Bolton and Thomas Lynch, aged 35, of Walley Street, Bolton, either made no comment or denied being involved in the attack.

The trial continues.